Navvy - 4 Songs

4 Songs


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Navvy - 4 Songs

Navvy are a 4 piece pop combo from Sheffield who release their début E.P. this March on Angular Records. The band formed in 2006 from the ashes of several underground Sheffield bands, and their first session with Pulp's erstwhile producer Alan Smyth resulted in the 4 songs collected on this release. This release is symptomatic of a band whose songs are usually concerned with longevity and dysfunction. Their sound is fractured and percussive, both in Keith and Claire's distinctive call-and-response vocal style and through Marie's use of a percussion tree. Daf's spidery guitar lines weave around the rhythms and the resulting sound can happily be described as “wonky” or “skew-whiff”.


1. The E.P. is released on White 7” vinyl and is limited to 500 copies.

2. Navvy's first tour was last summer as support to their friends The Long Blondes.

3. Books Navvy like include: A Confederacy of Dunces and The Periodic Table.

4. Navvy invented 'ping-pong' gigs featuring two bands playing songs in turn while facing each other.


7" Vinyl Single (ARC033)
  1. Navvy - Robot
  2. Navvy - Letters
  3. Navvy - Strange Book
  4. Navvy - Sticker