These New Puritans - Hidden CD (Book Edition)

Hidden CD (Book Edition)

These New Puritans

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These New Puritans - Hidden CD (Book Edition)

The special edition is a book - a5 sized, black classic 80 page library style with foil / debossing simple cover. It contains a cd album , and has the lyrics and musical scores of the album.

2010's Hidden (often stylised as ĦỊĐĐỂŅ) is These New Puritans' second album. Critically lauded, with its "extraordinary range, originality and clarity of purpose that defy overall comparison with anything else", it pulled together a host of unlikely influences to create something personal, unique and unmistakably These New Puritans. It boasted five star reviews across the board and won NME Magazines 'Album of the Year 2010'. It is sometimes brutal, sometimes melancholy.