Navvy - Idyll Intangible

Idyll Intangible


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Navvy - Idyll Intangible

"After their scratchy debut assault on the senses (last year was it?), Sheffield's angular agit rock chimps Navvy have blossomed mightily with their itchy, minimal sound template with their debut full length CD through Angular. 'Idyll Intangible' hits me as a tightly meshed concoction of galloping drum machine, twangy cow-punk guitars & yelped sloganeering that recalls Devo, Pylon, Bogshed, Bis & early Fall whilst retaining a unique contemporary bounce and a rigid tunefulness that I find very heartening! The M/F vocals have a euphoric call & response feel, underlaid with a tight, poppy bass and lots of whirring toytown keyboards, each tune has an incredibly strong identity and overall it's a very adrenalised recording, brassy & punchy with a stripped-down post-punk attitude. Also the production on here being much more hi-fi than their debut EP doesn't remotely detract from the bands hyperactive edginess. They just sound colossally funky & incredibly good fun. The initial buzz was justified, the mighty Angular have done it again! CD with LP to come, gotta love the surrealist artwork......"


The digital only bonus track 'POCKETS' is only available when you download the album from this shop!


CD Album (ARC048CD)
  1. Navvy - Navvy
  2. Navvy - Spaces
  3. Navvy - Plastic Bag
  4. Navvy - Letters
  5. Navvy - My New Building
  6. Navvy - Sticker
  7. Navvy - Disco
  8. Navvy - Strange Book
  9. Navvy - French Spines
  10. Navvy - Time
  11. Navvy - Documentary
  12. Navvy - Robot
  13. Navvy - Over