Wetdog - Lower Leg

Lower Leg


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Wetdog - Lower Leg


A: Lower Leg
B: The Burry Man; How Sweet The Sound

‘Lower Leg’ is the first taste of Wetdog’s forthcoming second album ‘Frauhaus’. It’s a 3 minute rollercoaster of harmony, squeaks, time changes, melody, dischord and ancient folk rituals. It inhabits the skin of a classic Rough Trade 7” of yesteryear – effortless style, catchy tune, dance-floor friendly pop gone wrong, wrapped in a beautiful package.

The band have an affinity with Welsh genius, counting Datblygu and Euros Childs amongst their influences (there are hints of pastoral climes in the melodies), but The Wicker Man, Syd Barrett and Robert Crumb are just as likely to feature in any album-related discussions.

Rivka Gillieron (guitar, vox), Sarah Datblygu (drums, vox ) and Billy Easter (bass, vox) agree on one thing – hard and sparse music contrasting with vocal harmonies.