The Violets - Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

The Violets

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The Violets - Mirror Mirror

‘One look’s telling
The Morning’s Dry
Communal yelling
Calypso’s coming
Brave face slants to the side and back
Has your hair slipped over
Your Heart Pierced black?’
(Mirror, Mirror)

Let’s be frank about the debut single by Londoners The Violets: IT’S AMAZING!!!! A mixture of all the best post-punk bands all rolled into seven handy minutes. The Slits, Kleenex, Siouxsie Sioux, Raincoats, Erase Errata … yep it’s all there. Comparisons aside, this is joyous stuff. The lead singer capture’s Ari Up’s primeval yodel and Sioux’s desperate yelp. Jerky, angular guitars that go fast and f**k up your head and then when the music itself can’t get more exhilarating, it does through the frontwoman’s piercing chorus interjections. It makes me want to go in the middle of the room and tear the place apart. This single brings out a sort of hidden energy within me and I can’t help jumping about. It would be churlish of me to describe these three gems cause they are as fantastic, as fantastic can get. What about the lyrics: gothic and erotic. Mentionings of dark underground happenings abound all over the place. This group is an all-rounder!
If I continue I have a feeling that I’m going to run out of adjectives. Just buy the single and give the group all the worship you can afford to! Damn they deserve it!


7" Vinyl Single (ARC008)
  1. The Violets - Mirror Mirror
  2. The Violets - Hiero
  3. The Violets - Hard Hammer