Gyratory System - New Harmony

New Harmony

Gyratory System

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Gyratory System - New Harmony

Over the last year producer/trumpeter Andrew Blick has been holed-up perfecting a new batch of material using the band's customized recording technique, 'The Process' adding to the melodic feel of earlier releases an industrial, Einsturzende Neubauten/Cabaret Voltaire edge, plus an affinity with contemporary acts like Holy Fuck, Black Dice and Fuck Buttons.

Gyratory System is the sound of electronica played by clockwork and steam-powered sequencers.


" 'New Harmony' sounds like nothing else you'll hear this year" - Loud and Quiet

"...a little of his metronomic musical order goes a long way" - The Wire

"Captain Beefheart dabbling with Ableton or a Philharmonic orchestra conducted by Dr. Zeus." - Clash


CD Album (ARC083CD)
  1. Gyratory System - Lost On The King's Road
  2. Gyratory System - New Harmony
  3. Gyratory System - Un-Sound
  4. Gyratory System - Seven Dials
  5. Gyratory System - Pamplona
  6. Gyratory System - I Must Create A System
  7. Gyratory System - Hotel Curious
  8. Gyratory System - Sicilian Avenue
  9. Gyratory System - Gargoyle
  10. Gyratory System - Industrial Action