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The Long Blondes

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The Long Blondes - "Singles"

It all started when Reenie discovered a dusty bass guitar in an attic in 2003. At least thats what she says. Dorian would argue it started long before then, Emma might say it was significantly later. Either way, the crack of a starters pistol - they're off.

Dorian then picked one curly haired drummer to order, and the gravy on the roast was Kate - poached from the vintage clothes shop floor, a recruitment policy first employed by the Human League.

Screech had barely two drumsticks to rub together, but armed with a list of bands they chose not to emulate, they took the show to the road. And at their 3rd ever gig, something special happened. The Long Blondes found their first allies in Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation: a handshake, a drink, 7 inches.

Over the coming weeks, they spent a small fortune on cheap ebay-bought guitars, crafted early press releases which contained lies taken far too literally, and a stylophone came and went. The band took advantage of access to the office stationary cupboard to post a hastily burned CDR to bright young things Angular Records. A favourable response, a date was made, and the band found themselves taking the frighteningly young record label execs for a picnic to a Sheffield park. More allies, a second single, gig flyers copied in the staff room, they didn't have merchandise but they did have fabric paints.

Marching forward, training on the job, amps lugged on trains, the war cry: "The Long Blondes! Top of the Pops!". Another single, more applause, this is getting embarrassing...

...7 more inches, another independent label, applying eyeliner on nation express coaches, final written warnings... the Blondes finally gave in and accepted their fate - a record deal with Rough Trade. They signed on the line, downed the warm champagne from plastic cups, and headed across town for that night's gig - their first as professional musicians. It felt more or less the same as before.

And now, 2 albums and a few world tours later, we have "Singles", a compilation of the Long Blondes 4 first four 7" singles which are now long since sold out and highly collectible…



CD Album (ARC038)
  1. The Long Blondes - New Idols
  2. The Long Blondes - Long Blonde
  3. The Long Blondes - Autonomy Boy
  4. The Long Blondes - Giddy Stratospheres
  5. The Long Blondes - Polly
  6. The Long Blondes - Darts
  7. The Long Blondes - Appropriation (By Any Other Name)
  8. The Long Blondes - My Heart Is Out Of Bounds
  9. The Long Blondes - Lust In The Movies
  10. The Long Blondes - Separated By Motorways (Alternative Version)
  11. The Long Blondes - Big Infatuation
  12. The Long Blondes - Peterborough